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Skilled and experienced in a variety of garden and woodland maintenance we can work from a blank sheet or simply put together a maintenance schedule for what you have now.

Give us a call to discuss specific requirements.

Hedge cutting- This can be a light yearly trim to a full scale cut back of the sides of the hedge to make the hedge tighter and more controllable

Hedge Reductions- we can reduce most hedges to suit the location and your requirements.

Hedge removal’s – We can remove hedge rows completely including the stumps this then gives the option to replant a new hedge or have a fence installed.

Hedge Planting- We can plant new hedge rows and replace hedge plants that have died in current hedges.

General Planting- We can plant and dig as needed to prepare your garden.

Woodland – Plan, Plant, Maintain and Review We run woodlands to a high standard meeting ecological as well as the owners needs for structure, functions and product output such as charcoal and wood products.

Please contact us if you require any further information on our hedge cutting services then please contact us.