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  We also offer a full fencing service which includes

Post and Rail fencing

From planning and measuring up for post & rail we do the complete job end-to-end. Rustic poles and pressure treated wood are recommended. Treatments can be clear or coloured to your taste or to match exsiting.  These fences are great for horse and large animal pens. They can be concreted in or driven into the ground.

Stock Fencing

Driven posts and bracing to provide a solid support for wire net fencing. The fencing is stapled to the posts. Barbed wire can be used to top the fence and deter animals from leaning or grazing over the top; this helps prevent damage from stock resting on the fence top.Wire meshes are available in many forms and colours plastic coated or zink coated to protect from the elements. Sizes range from small squares or rectangles 15mm side up to many centimetres and styles such as diamond or hexagon twist.

Close Board/ Feather Edge fencing

Feather boards fencing using pre-built panels or build on site from triple rail and 4 inch posts where each feather broard is nailed on indvidually are all available. As in the picture the posts can be hidden if the boards are fitted on site where panels reveal the posts.

Panel Fencing

We highly recommend concrete posts and gavel boards laid on a gravel base for a long life and ease of maintenance. The posts are set to the recommended depth and set in concrete.

Picket Fencing

Decorative fencing and barriers such as picket shown here can be cut and built on-site to taste and finish.

chestnut paling

This rustic fencing isquick to install and defines the areas well but does not offer privacy. Small animals and dogs will usually find a way through.

Rabbit fencing

To protect allotments and farm crops from pests or to keep small animals in the design has to allow for burrowing and climbing factors as well as the size needed to prevent push through and biting to cut the wire. It is best to specify the needs of your fence or enclosure and have it made to your needs. For burrowing protection the fence is laid down and toward the direction of burrowing to deter animals. The supporting posts and wires are chosen to suit the full requirement.

Gate fitting service:

Garden Gates

> Existing gates replaced or new ones to replace

Drive way Gates

Field Gates

If you require any further information on any of our fencing and gate fitting services then please contact us and we can give you free advice and a free quotation.

Fencing & Gates

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